as a matter of arty fact

Well here it is the last week of our lovely little (!) mooc, and time to submit a digital response of some kind… the biggest challenge – making time! It seems to take so much longer to make a decent visual text than language one… but it’s fun trying 🙂

I submit, in evidence of my learning, this blog…. I also submit the video just below here, which I did this week.

  • The blog is an epic triumph of will… a log of an amazing ride and the people I encountered along the way. It represents how I imagine the whole course and my place within it…. please browse around if you have time…
  • The other digital story… the video below… is an epic fail of will…. because I always like to keep a healthy balance in life… it makes perfect sense to me, but that’s because I can hear the responses to the questions… something happened when it moved to… the Internet.. 

There always seem to be at least two choices…. in every micro second of life…

I can leave it as poetry for you to make sense of as you willl…. be amazed by the suggestions and subtleties and let your mind run wild….

or I can add something to the video that will force you to interpret the story as I originally intended…

Maybe I’ll just let you have an unsettling experience first, think about it for a while…. then I’ll post a hangout where I ‘explain’ away what is missing… or maybe I won’t….. such is the nature of a mooc…. you will be kept guessing… the web is a dynamic environment…. nothing ever stays the same… and you never really know where you are…

So, here is my ‘thing’ – I hope you enjoy it!

And now that you have been suitably unsettled and have no idea what I am going on about…. here is a version that probably makes more sense….

Now I’ve got this done, I am going to really enjoy browsing through everyone else’s I can find ‘out there’ and commenting, because it’s that community building part that’s so valuable to me in the end.

Good luck everyone – it’s been such an enjoyable journey, I hope you all make it safely back to earth, and I hope we’ll meet again on some other amazing future journey into space 🙂

Sound by:

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Words by:

well, me, I guess… if you believe we are authors of our own discourse….