samples from the moocy way

Here I’m just adding a few examples of ‘digital artefacts’ created for the EDC course. Some are first attempts or works in progress, others are final products of this or the MSci version of the course

final masterpieces from edcmooc 2013

facebook doc list

google doc list

wallwisher collection

Andy’s compilation!



And a brief selection to showcase range of media being used

multimedia essay posted in Blog

curation of blog posts, comments and other web sources in Storify

curation / collation of web sources created and published in Pinterest

cartoon created and published in Pixton

animation, published in Youtube, created in Go animate

annotated images created and published in Thinglink

slideshow / photostory published in Slideshare or Sliderocket

slideshow published in Scribd

slideshow published in Prezi

digital photo story published in Voicethread

digital photo story published in Vimeo

digital photo/video story published in YouTube (+ in blog post)

digital story published in YouTube and annotated in Popcorn

digital story published in Youtube, created in Videoscribe

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