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Emily https://spaceoddyssey.wordpress.com
Elizabeth http://edwoodworth.wordpress.com
Laurie http://lsniestrath.wordpress.com
Desislava http://digitalculturesexperience.wordpress.com/  

we decided, in early discussion on the course facebook page,  to give ‘quadblogging‘ a go, to see if that helps us manage to make sense of the plethora of stuff we encounter each week on the mooc journey… stars, meteors, space debris, shining lights – all that stuff hurtling towards our tender consciousnesses… so this is my little group – here is the working explanation from our peers in EDC course (thanks Chris!)

Obviously the way this works in our mooc is rather different to the descriptions and organisation of a quadblog set up to connect schools, but my understanding of the benefits of the strategy for us is that each individual blogger, far flung around the world as we are, represents what in the school situation would be a class. It’s somewhat like the sort of ‘pyramid’ discuss and report activity you might do with a large lecture group, but the real advantage as I understand it is that it creates structure and incentive for bloggers to get some interesting stuff happening on their blog, as they know three others are scheduled to focus on it and comment. (see also this site explaining how it works in schools to rather rapidly develop student writers’ engagement and proficiency – seems like a good strategy to use with students, but also with peers in this kind of situation we’re in in the mooc). Perhaps we can discuss this via twitter, to work out a viewing/feedback schedule? I don’t see the need for a coordinator as such, given we are not having to manage large groups of students – we have already self organised into quads and just need to lead ourselves through the process – which might be easiest via Twitter (which I am keen to learn to use!) – what do you reckon?

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