ed tech pd

This page lists a few of the (staggeringly many) blogs and other websites out there that are really useful for our professional development in educational technologies

online courses – quick and free

  • The ‘powerful learning practice’ people offer a quick, free ‘course’ by email that gives you a silly little badge to put on your web profile when you’ve done it – it covers real basics, but is worth recommending for complete beginners. Learning by doing is the most effectively way to learn, but doing the course gives you a ‘badge’, so if you want one, go git one! The organisation offers other courses of course, some free, some not – worth exploring their site 🙂

I'm a Web 2.0 tools master


  • Google offers some training in their own products, such as how to do ‘power searching

blogs & resource rich websites of ed tech educators


fame game

not sure what I think about this sort of thing, but here is a link to a business perspective on what’s ‘hot’



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