command module

This page comprises something of a flight manual – it lists the wide range of software for mooc members to explore and use for networking and artefact production – the ‘digitools’ of trade recommended for learning in this course and beyond… for receiving information, reading /viewing material and instructions from the course leaders, for networking with each other to discuss the material and the learning process, and for creating and publishing the assignment.

On related pages via the drop down menu are the learning stories of other mooc participants. 

Some initial suggestions were made by the teaching team at ground control, then the rest have been suggested on those social networks by mooc members as we go… if readers of this page can add anything I’ve missed, please leave a comment 🙂

EDC course social media
(recommended by ground control for each mooc participant, to enable  collaborative learning between flight majors in the mooc)

EDC course media (suggested by mooc, for even more collaborative fun)

Yet more Cool Tools, lists & tips from colleagues in EDCmooc and beyond

Software new to me (gleaned from all over the place, as a result of doing edcmooc)



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