mighty mooc – the debate

This page lists some sources of info relevant to critical reflection on the mooc experience – my main interest in doing a mooc being to think about what and how it means for learning and teaching… 

is this is a dance with the devil? 

AYEs – scepticism tending towards the glass is half empty view – anywhere along the continuum from ‘I have some serious concerns’ to the mooc is all gloom and doom, it’s the end of the university, and we’re all going to be eaten up by the evil googley behemoth…

6 community college teachers – inside higher ed

Stefan Popenici

Audrey Watters, hack ed

Roland, procomotion

Kate Bowles 

Vanessa Vaile

Michael B Smith

Aaron Brady

Jason Zevin

Peter Sloep

Andy Oram

Patrick Masson


NOs – optimism tending towards the glass if half full view – anywhere along the continuum from Pollyanna to the simple ‘it’s all looking pretty good’ to the world weary ‘plus ca change’ (get real – nothing new under the sun), to moocs schmoocs they won’t make much difference to higher ed, to ‘it is what it is, it’s here to stay, and it’s not bad’, to the educationally focused and socially responsible ‘shut up with the hype already and focus on developing the pedagogy’

George Siemens on Cobb’s blog and on his blog (and see Siemens’ 2012 presentation)

Dominique Boullier, ghe

Claire Shaw, guardian

Katie Hafner nyt

Ryan Tracey, provocateur

Keith Devlin, mooc star chronicling his teaching experience

Dave Cormier

Geoff Cain

Seth Godin, tedxy

Mike Caulfield in keeplearning and in hapgood

Justin Ritchie

Bill Gates

open knowledge foundation

Clay Shirky

Seth Godin

Carole Cadwalladr, guardian


Phil Wagner

hybrid pedagogy blog

Jeff Selingo

Bon Stewart

Trent Batson

Paul Greatrix

Andrew Leonard

on the fence – the glass has something in it, not sure what yet, watching this space, could be good or bad or both, I see both sides, and/or I have no opinion I’m just a reporter, I don’t drink

Charis Palmer, the conversation

Jesse Stommel, hybrid pedagogy

Mr Chris Chips

Lisa Chamberlin & Tracy Parish, eLearn magazine

Simon Marginson, uwn and again on the conversation

Nathan Harden, american interest

Tony Bates

Sarah Kendzior

Brian Kelly, UK web focus

Joern Loviscach

Anna Fazakerley

Mike Boxall

Gregory Ferenstein

Timothy Chester

Ryan Tracey

Tamar Lewin, NY Times

2 comments on “mighty mooc – the debate

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  2. Emily, this is an impressive collection! I have also been following this debate closely even before the origin of Coursera. It is fascinating to observe how we reinterpret and contest meaning out in the open. I will be coming back to your list of names to revisit arguments. It is a great idea to post these all in one place.

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