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This blog records my first journey into MOOCdom. I’ve signed up for Coursera’s “eLearning and Digital Cultures”, and take off is scheduled for January 2013.

I’ve framed my telling of this maiden journey into the mythical and marvelous lands of the “Massive Open Online Course” with the metaphor of the space odyssey (or oddity) because it seems apt on many levels…

In my day job, I sit on the teaching side, so I’m getting into this tin can into space for a view of life from the student perspective. I chose this particular vehicle because it looks space-worthy and like it’ll take me somewhere interesting.

Being a language educator, my role on this flight will be to pay attention to the language in play as we cruise along through this course…

I wish all fellow travellers a safe and exciting journey, and look forward to reading your reports.

Meanwhile, enjoy a bit of Bowie, to set the scene for what may be a very odd, but hopefully not disastrous journey from which we never return….

And to keep things in perspective, enjoy this visualisation by Matt Rogers of a talk by Carl Sagan 🙂

orsa, colloquium, de lingua, de substantia

5 comments on “about page

  1. Hi, Emily
    David Bowie’s video and song provide an interesting metaphor for our new adventure! I started reading and writing about MOOCs last summer when the local university was embroiled in a national discussion about their involvement. I find it interesting to read the arguments posted by those who oppose MOOCs. I always wonder how many opponents have taken a course?
    A large part of the adventure has already begun with the development of our community outside of the University, don’t you think?

  2. Hi Laurie! yeah, I sure do – the debate is pretty vigorous on both sides of the fence, and just as active with those sitting in the middle! quite entertaining, and giving me many ideas for the main task in this course… my institution joined a consortia a while back, but one that will be offering actual degrees… I watch with interest..
    Bowie is the best, no?! I found this the perfect metaphor for my journey in this course 🙂

  3. Hello again edcMOOCers!

    Inquiring Minds Want To Know Your Blogging Backstory!

    Many of us in edcMOOC either blogged throughout the course, or used quad- blogging to connect with other edcMOOCers.

    Whether you were a new or experienced blogger, what role did blogging play in your overall edcMOOC experience?

    We want to hear your blogging backstory, and we need your help!
    It’s human!

    A few of us edc alum are writing a short paper about the role of blogging and quadblogging to foster organic peer to peer learning in a mooc.

    Would you please visit our most human survey, which takes a jiffy to complete, to share your invaluable information! Thanks in advance edc moocers for your help!

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