champagne anyone?

Maddie reminded us today that it’s 6 months since the first email from EDC mooc teaching team 🙂

Have just started reading through all the other papers in eLearning Papers issue 33 on Moocdom, and really enjoyed David Boven’s paper… made me think of William Rankin’s Youtube video on mobile learning…

I love that kind of historical view, having started my own studies with a focus on medieval literature and manuscript culture, and ending up focused on the teaching of academic writing, and a critique of the whole concept of literacy, theories of learning, and ‘what’s digital got to do with it’.. it does seem a very special moment in history now, with our cultural past more readily accessible than ever, so that lots of people can explore it, and consider in a much more informed way what has and hasn’t changed, and what it is the technological developments we’re living with now that changes educational practice.

I tend to agree with the view that classroom or face to face, mentoring type educational relationships will become more, rather than less, important with the rise of the MOOC and the Internet. It’s certainly working that way in my context, where students really need the intensive conversation around the mass of information we have access to – and I’m certainly enjoying teaching more and more as I reshape courses to take advantage of ed techs…



One comment on “champagne anyone?

  1. generation Y and the digital natives are accustomed to a visual torrent of information and immerse themselves in interactive worlds – how can we really expect them to adhere to a lecture model which is old as the univesities themselves?

    ps. 6 months and the EDCMOOC community carries on in the cyber world, all strains considered. Proud to have been the 100th pin on our google map community. 🙂

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