the story continues….

hot off the press – noticed this morning that a couple of short articles we’ve written about EDCmooc have now appeared

Unfortunately the very first line of the editorial has something of a clanger in it, saying that in 2009 Coursera had a million students…. it should of course have read, August 9, 2012…. hopefully that will be corrected before you even have time to go the url and see it, but if not, please ignore that and continue reading the issue!

So we put these together very hastily when Wayne Barry mentioned the call for papers… we hadn’t actually heard of the journal to be honest, but it seemed reputable and a good opportunity to formally reflect….

What I’m very very interested to know now though is how it goes down with you, so please let me know, if you read, whether this represents your experience of EDCmooc ok, or if it horribly misrepresents it! I mean we were just speaking for ourselves here, but I would like to know if it resonates ok.

I’ve only just started reading, but the other articles in this issue seem very interesting – so anyway, hope you’ll share your thoughts with us 🙂

– E




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