a final word? hardly


although the official journey is over and we are supposed to have completed our mission and returned to earth, this course has been such a stimulant to many of us that the conversation continues… many are still blogging about the course, writing reviews, discussing it in G+ and FB and twitter conversations and scheduled twitterchat sessions, and generally not letting it go…. a LinkedIn conversation has begun, to talk specifically about how we’re applying what we’ve learned in our teaching practice…. some of us are drafting journal articles about the experience…. and very very many have jumped immediately into more moocs, and have created G+ and FB discussion pages for those experiences… so the social networking seems set to continue for years to come. I just had a two hour ‘hangout’ with my quad blog team yesterday….

Maddie posted her reflections on the course yesterday

I just read this debrief from Debbie today

I wrote a review for coursetalk, and encourage others to do so too

I am incorporating the discussion of moocs and this one in particular into a chapter of the thesis I’m writing…

I have a strong feeling this will never end! the conversation will, like a lovely marriage that was simply meant to be, grow and mature over time, and deepen ever more 🙂


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