microsoft productivity


another ad for hypercapitalist utopia…. that struck me as a dystopian nightmare world devoid of real people and meaningful activity..

I think what I hate most about all this techno nonsense is the spectacle of billions invested in developing technologies to create more techno junk to sell to generate more profit… and nowhere do we see anyone using their smarts to solve real problems. For all the whizzbangery going on in this little advertisement, I couldn’t see one example of a real world problem being addressed let alone solved… what we see is a sterile environment where there are only rich people using technology to do things they can do perfectly well without technology…  just the sort of pathetic fantasy to a saccharine soundtrack that white businessmen apparently love to waste their time with while they destroy the planet and laugh all the way to the bank…

after the introductory techno revolution enabling white woman to manage the otherwise insurmountable challenges of navigating herself from airport exit door to taxi and hotel, thanks to augmenting reality glasses, we skip to the HK metro, and a Chinese businessman checking his schedule… in English…. and making a patronising donation to a ‘world music’ fundraising event for the token unspecified ‘poor’.. for that instant feel good factor enabled by the pseudo interactive hologram poster…

microsoft 1

then skip to sterile hotel room for a quick bit of faux text editing made easy by technology (because editing is after all simply a matter of shifting the position of the odd paragraph)… and the environmentalists should be pleased because there are a couple of trees out the window and some pictures of trees in the e-book/tablet thingy… but the focus is on paying attention to the bottom line, or “please ensure the maintenance costs” for all this greenery reflect the company’s ueber profit drive…

microsoft 2




then we skip to metrosexual modern man looking super excited by his large 3D display networked e-book/tablet thingy in his grotesquely sterile office where he gets to interact with both white and black ladies and exchange meaningless data in a ‘fun’ way, and HK man joins in the fun of exchanging meaningless but oh so important looking data (and the environmentalists are appeased again by a green wall inside the building… along with the pretence that anyone in such an office would be thinking about environmental matters as they consider how to max the profits by minimising the outlays)

then we skip to token young person doing homework in the new age… in another grotesquely sterile space devoid of other people, dogs, food or life as she ‘interacts’ with her e-book/tablet thingy’s cutsie bear tutor…

then dad comes in to add to the family e-schedule on the wall… and next activity??? little girlie and her at ‘work’ mommy are virtually planning a cake bake and the shopping – so daddy can focus on eating…

This is microsoft’s vision of a great ‘new’ future…. jesus, pass me the buckets and the razor blades….

or give me a parody!


2 comments on “microsoft productivity

  1. Emily,
    You said it all beautifully and with a punch. I love the sarcasm, and you summed well some of the ideas from our hangout. I agree that we need to put our technological innovations to meaningful applications, such as solving our enormous problems- global warming, poverty, diseases, resource depletion, overpopulation and the like. Microsoft, where is the VISION and COMPASSION in this commercial?!

    • yes I figured you’d agree with that sentiment, after our conversation the other day! I wonder how many others do? I was just browsing some blogs on the ‘digest’ and kept encountering views of all that techno jazz as ‘inspiring’… but I find it so deeply depressing!

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