I am Oddbjorg, digital viking…. watch me roar!

I immediately identified with Amy’s image of us as digital Vikings, and hereby pronounce myself….

ODDBJORG the Wanderer !!

The name has a certain resonance with this blog of course (space oddity), but also has some rather charming and appealing semantic associations in ancient saga literature, with sharp swords and world saving behaviour 🙂

You may want to create your own Viking identity, or add some Viking related thoughts, to Amy’s Kapsul page too… please do!

I rather fancy being so transported back to the mindset of the first academic job I ever had… I was a post-grad student, and got employed to teach a term of Old English poetry – such gems and pearls as The Seafarer and The Wanderer, along with the usual fare of Beowulf and Riddles… what a joy that was, and what a joy it is to think of it all again in this strange journey through cyberland, somewhere over the mooc, between seafaring and space invading

5 comments on “I am Oddbjorg, digital viking…. watch me roar!

  1. i welcome you both into the world of the digital vikings. I can use my normal name which is Asbjørn – which translate into the bear of the gods, or something like that, i don’t know the english word for the norse gods which live in asgaard.

  2. I’d rather be a Cylon (from “Battlestar Galactica”) than a Viking – all that pillaging, raping, and plundering (though courageous) does not create a very good association for me. Cylons, on the other hand, are perfect machines with feelings and flaws but with none of the weaknesses of a human body. As a historian, I do not see the past in glorious terms, but rather see it full of human folly and tragedy. One can only hope that the future would be brighter.

    • be whatever you like, I say!
      but vikings have had a bad press, was Amy’s point, and the image constructed of them is just that… I certainly don’t see the ‘glory’ in history, I am mocking in my rapid uptake of the viking metaphor – what I see, more than anything, is the way stories are told, and why, and what choices we believe we have in the enterprises of living and of talking about it 🙂

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