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#edcmooc New Media (2:21)

GC says this very short film, with visual echoes of “Bendito Machine III”, is a grim representation of the effects of technology on humanity, and want us to consider what similarities and differences we can you identify between the two films…

Like Bendito Machine, I found this visually very interesting (and similar in some ways). There are also some audio echoes in the ‘noise’ coming from the media, and the fact that there’s no clearly discernable language, but hints and static-type noise.

The narrative development here is minimal – we move from images of aged buildings with a rustic appeal in the vegetation overgrowing them,  but the initial peaceful image is disturbingly replaced by threatening metal objects, reminiscent of cogs from massive machinery, or perhaps even some form of landmine…. the cityscape becomes surreal as these objects seem to float along the street, and gradually we see tentacle-like swaying pipes, and then strange, threatening, grey unidentified flying objects hovering above the buildings… it seems a dystopian vision of an army of invading machines…

Screen Shot 2013-02-02 at 5.03.22 PM

As we see a close up of a remote control, and then a person’s face in the blue light of a TV screen, and that one of the floating tentacles is attached to his ear, we get a nightmare image of the invading force of machines either sucking human brains out to fuel themselves, or just rendering people mindless so they can take over the world… all the while to soundtrack of strange repetitive techno noise, devoid of language.

I started reading the academic discourse after I’d watched all the short films, on purpose – I didn’t want my readings of the films to be influenced by the literature before I’d had a chance to think about them.


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2 comments on “new media

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  2. While I thought that the film clip was rather ominous and eerie, it could certainly give one reason to stop and think about the way in which the world is progressing. I know of many individuals who want nothing to do with social media, react as though it were of the devil and the ruination of society. Some of these individual may also be those who found that the movie , “Pleasantville” spawned a desire for the good ol’ days! LOL

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