we have lift off

well that was smooth… perfect launch, so far so good…

I just logged into the edcmooc website that has opened up and read the instructions…

Very clearly set out page, easy to follow instructions, and already a live twitter chat happening down the right side.

launch pad

this week’s to do list

  • read through all the pages for week one
  • watch film clips (add anything new to my blog pages)
  • discuss films in Synchtube
  • read academic references in week 1 resources page, and add to my blog pages (and if time also check out the references on the first page: Deuze, M. (2006). Participation, Remediation, Bricolage: Considering Principal Components of a Digital Culture.The Information Society, 22, 63-75 and Baumann, G. 1999. The multicultural riddle: Rethinking national, ethnic, and religious identities. London: Routledge)
  • consider and discuss how the theme utopias and dystopias emerging from popular and digital culture relates to how we think about online education
  • contribute to the discussion board
  • blog responses to the topic, tagging them with #edcmooc
  • create an image or other visual representation of your response to the topic and post it in a social media space. Tag it with #edcmooc
  • Tweet your thoughts – particularly if you can give a link to a blog post or other online artefact – to #edcmooc

Well… I’d better get busy

– I’ve already watched the film clips last week, so I’ll post my comments on them tomorrow to one of the discussion spaces

– I just found the Deuze article in my library, so I’ll read that in the morning too. Don’t know if I’ll find the book, but I’ll look

– not sure what they mean by ‘blog your responses’ – can I do that from here? not sure, will work it out tomorrow

– not sure when I’ll find time to create an image this week, but I’ll aim for Friday 🙂

#edcmooc wrap up of week one  here


2 comments on “we have lift off

  1. HI Emily, writing here from wild and woolly Kiama! I brought my laptop hoping to test the NBN, but I’m actually using the wifi hotspot in my phone as the hotel just has boring old broadband.

    I’m going to pinch your to do list! Thanks.

    We set up the blogs after being prompted in that first email, so I think this is where we blog those responses. I’m feeling very sad about my blog, I am getting so so many people looking at it. It has lost value for me now somehow because i has become impersonal. I’m tempted to archive it or delete maybe and start a new one.

    Forums freak me out, everybody talking, not so many listening, a lack of coherence in many of the “conversations”. I posted in one and my inbox is now full, will turn of notifications! Angela

    • yeah when things upscale suddenly they can become meaningless… like a battle for attention rather than anything resembling dialogic ‘engagement’ – hope you haven’t drowned in this weather and can enjoy kiama!

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