sunday too far away….

I just made one of those Gloggy things…. an online poster – apart from wanting to learn the software and see if it’s something I would use in my teaching, I thought it might help me focus on the task at hand… so here is my first effort – let me know what you think!

Back to yesterday meanwhile…. my Sunday this week began, as they do in summers here, at the beach… because, apart from the beach being fabulous in every way, my daughter is basically a dolphin and hard to keep out of the water for any length of time… a keen surfer, and a trainee life guard… so there I was, turning snags on the surf club BBQ (that’s sausages to people who don’t speak Australian English) and I’m chatting away with another parent, and I ask her (because what else am I thinking about these days but my mooc) what she finds coming to mind when I say “science fiction”… I am asking because this course has made me realise how ignorant I am in matters sci-fi, and I need tips on what I should view next…), and she said what most people seem to be saying when I ask that question… Star Wars and 2001 a space odyssey… (and some other movie she couldn’t remember the name of with Robin Williams as a robot that becomes human)… so that just confirmed it, I really have to watch these things or I just won’t know what the significance of half the references in this course are….

So after duties at surf club, and picking up some art works my daughter had put into a local show (yay, she got second prize for a drawing and $15 – whoo hoo), we go to a video store to see if I can find a copy of 2001…

tree1 here’s an early draft of the drawing she scored a prize for – doodle art done to avoid paying attention in class no doubt, but hey, go girl I say…

well anyway, three video shops later I still haven’t found a copy of 2001… and I have encountered four young sales staff who have never heard of it…. I am feeling old 😦

So I come home not with any of the films I have started to think I ought to see, but instead with Solaris (how could I resist, it has George Clooney and it was only $9!) and a documentary about space travel called “In the shadow of the moon”..well the rest of Sunday was spent watching those and I dont’ regret either – the first because it has George Clooney in it, and the second because it’s a fabulous de-archive of footage and set of wonderful interviews with the American men who have been to the moon, and gave me lots of great quotes for my assignment here too, such as:

“I called the moon my home for three days and I’m here to tell you about it – that’s science fiction”
“I promise you, I’m human”
“Science and technology got me there, but what I was seeing and feeling – science and technology had no answers for”

I was intrigued to learn, or be reminded rather, (and hope it isn’t an omen for our impending course launch) that the first Apollo mission was a fail – a simulated launch countdown was staged on January 27, 1967, and it blew up….

and that just before the Eagle had landed, on the Apollo 11 mission, there’d been a “1202 alarm”… “computer problem… too much data”…

I was feeling there’s something very deja vue about our trip to the mooc….


8 comments on “sunday too far away….

  1. The muse is upon you! Very good doodle art. I wish I could draw, such a talent. I did tell Sandra I would give it a shot, but no good. I had a bit of a movie marathon. I bought myself 2001 and 2012 for Christmas, but too busy watching Matrix trilogy and other movies to get to them yet. Although I did watch the short list for the edc MSc. I wonder if Blade Runner actually captures both concepts, utopia/dystopia and future humans & blurring the line bw human and technology? Although it is not on the list.

    Here is my email address Emily, if you want to send me your mobile, I’ll give you a call and we can organise a f2f, oops, coffee!!!

    • there are THREE matrix movies? I ain’t even got a one yet… !
      cool thanks – will email you my number so we txt a ‘rendezvous’ 🙂

  2. Hi, I have always read and watched Science Fiction and find it a very rich (though much maligned) genre. I hope you enjoy your SF journey. Having said that I re-watched 2001 the other day and found the pace almost excruciatingly slow. If you do get to watch it it may well be worth remembering that it is an old movie and the pace of movies has increased considerably in 30 plus years since it was released (is this increase a consequence of our fast paced digital culture?), and that Kubrick intended the film to be slow with minimal dialogue. He was painting a picture of his vision of the future as much as telling a story. Think I will go back to The Matrix next (have a personal interest in that one – my husband worked on the visual effects).

    • Hi thanks Helen – cool, I bet he had a lot of fun on that assignment!
      yes I don’t expect anything other than an old sci fi movie, but in many ways I think I enjoy the charm of things dated…. so I think I’ll probably enjoy the older classics than the newer action packed thrill a second style… I ain’t no thriller loving lassie, so a more slow moving still image focused style should be good I reckon… if I can only get my hands on a copy… I have never got into the genre in the past I guess because I find the ideas so ridiculous – when taken seriously….. when taken the piss out of, as in Dr Who (or Lost in Space), I really enjoy it!

  3. The content for this call will certainly be a brick wall for me. I am NOT a sci-fi person and tend to avoid the genre at all costs. I jumped at the chance to participate in a MOOC for the simple pleasure of saying that I took one. I’ve recently watched the 3 Matrix movies, to which my husband said, “You really don’t have a fantasy life, do you?” The boys watch a lot of Dr. Who
    “The Day the Earth Stood Still” might be a good movie to watch. I think that I watched it years ago, but can’t be sure. I married someone who has read everything by Arthur Clarke published.
    Congratulations on your daughter’s success. I have a 13 year old as well. His life is soccer, food, his “look” and girls right now.

    • Hi Laurie 🙂 yes it’s a strange and brave new world eh?! (I dont’ think any of us using language can avoid a fantasy life – we just live out different types of fantasy!)
      Thanks so much for the viewing tips, I’ll check those out too 🙂
      yes the interest teenagers have in the other gender… I’m sure I didn’t know what a boy was until I was at least 16… but that ‘may’ be because I went to a ‘ladies only’ college until that age… then I went to a mixed school and …. well, that was different! a bit like discovering science fiction…

  4. Hi
    I got my copy of 2001 A Space Odyssey and 2010 the year we make contact on e-bay. I’ve watched Equilibrium and the 13th Floor on a free Netflix trial. I enjoy all things science fiction. I haven’t watched the movies that I intended to watch because I’ve been too busy here, reading and commenting on blog posts. I’m not as focused as I like to think I am. Anyway, I just signed up at Glogster and enjoyed your poster very much. Nice job!

    • oh excellent, thankyou Willa – more viewing tips! I haven’t even heard of those ones, but will check them out too. Thanks for the comment re glog thing – do you agree with the summary or would you add something I’ve missed?

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