kinetic typography

I love text animations like this one based on a talk of Stephen Fry’s…. I have been exploring Matt Rogers’ other work, and discovered this one, based on a talk of Carl Sagan – it seems so relevant to our course I added it to the ‘about’ page of this blog.

I have done a few ‘prezi’ presentations (eg this edited down to just the visuals version of a much longer walk and talk through version that I won’t bore you with here), but I haven’t yet dabbled in the creation of kinetic typography – maybe the assignment for this course will be a good reason to… Matt uses Adobe ‘After Effects’ software, as do most people doing this kind of work.

I really like the videos Elena and Angela have made also, using Sparkol’s VideoScribe software, but I haven’t gone into that yet either… maybe one day, when I find the time, and money, 🙂

There are lots of great videos ‘out there’ playing with animated text and drawing like this – do you have any favourites?


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