the countdown has begun…. mephistopheles awake!

our leaders have just tweeted that the course site is now officially open… but surreally, the message seems to be directed at another virtual group not exactly us but including or surrounding or infiltrating us…. the site is for the Edinburgh U course of the same name, for a small group of students enrolled in a masters degree program, and they are tasked to monitor and guide the coursera MOOC group behaviour it seems, as part of their, rather longer, course…. interesting design and use of the mooc for broader (and sound) educational purposes… I like the cross-course referencing, it is something I like to do in language education – get students in my class to monitor, document and reflect on the language in play in their other subjects so we have the most relevant material to focus on in paying close attention to and learning more about academic English… but at the same time, it is a strange dance to be in, and hopefully not with the devil in the data analytics detail of the great googley digital behemoth!

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One comment on “the countdown has begun…. mephistopheles awake!

  1. Hadn’t had time to think about this cross-listing, but I LOVE that you thought of that. It’s such a great idea. If that’s what the instructors are doing: brilliant. Thanks for writing about it!

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