the twit list

am just trying to get my head around twitter and the list feature – following on from reading Ronald Voorn’s post on his excellent blog (and scoop it page) commenting on the neo-colonialist agenda of US MOOCdom, then finding Eric’s twitter list, and then wondering how you join a list, then googling that, then finding that you don’t add yourself to someone else’s list you subscribe to their list and/or make your own list…. there is of course no end to any of this, and it all just takes me back to the one BIG CONCEPT – recursion – the only thing in Chomsky’s ‘theory’ of language I actually agree with – it’s the game changer alright… but that is another story… perhaps I will storify it, when I learn how to do that…. or perhaps I will just go back to my day job!

twit list

how do you put your twitter link onto your blog? I tried a widget, it didn’t work… rather like my rather pathetic attempt to get flickr happening there on the sidebar – have I failed digitools 201? 😦


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