the best way forward?

I’m trying to work out what works for me and the limited time I have to schedule for paying attention to this course and its growing tribe of participants – who I want to read, but I just can’t be everywhere all the time, right? I have a half hour or so a day to dip in here, that’s it. So what to do? I’ve experimented here with quickly browsing the course’s Google+ page and gleaning a few blog URLs and adding them to my blog. I have linked all the course sites to this blog for my own convenience, so that I can just bookmark my own blog and link everything else for this course there… now I note someone has posted about ‘triberr’ (thanks Eric!) and am exploring that as a perhaps better way, given that the number of blogs I might want to dip into will continue growing and I don’t want a blogroll on my site that is a million miles long…. but I’ll explore more tomorrow and make a decision – I have to get my daughter down to the beach right now – she is a rookie surf life guard, and is on water safety for the wave warriors carnival. Unfortunately she can’t compete this year because she broke a toe two weeks ago 😦 but nothing will stop here being there and helping out in the water – go girl!


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