I’m really taken with the map app being used on this course! I can see myself using it in week one of various classes I teach, as all my students are from far afield and this is a nice way to get an overview of where everyone is coming from and start up conversation, and linking from there to students’ learning blogs… love it – thanks Chris, for setting it up for sharing in our course πŸ™‚

mapping participation Dec 12


6 comments on “mapping

  1. Glad you liked the map! It really took off, and has been nice to visualise the large group of people on the course. I have used a Google map like this at work also, and it is a nice way to represent data. There are also loads of talking points you can take from a map. Geography, location, timezones, spread of people etc etc. I think they are interesting to everyone!

  2. How cool! Can this be done from the public/free instance of Google maps,or does it come from the paid-for-added-extra google tools some folks have courtesy of their workplace?

  3. I’ve already got a map up and running for my course next semester and plan to open it 2 weeks early as a community building exercise which has worked so well for edcmooc. Hi Sarah, are you enrolling in this course too?!

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